The American University in Cairo Audio-Visual Collection, 1945-2004: A Preliminary Inventory of the Collection

Descriptive Summary
Organization of the Collection
Subject Headings
Administrative Information
Preliminary File List
Series 1: Oral Histories on Audio Cassette Tape, 1969-1973
Series 2: Events on Audio Cassette Tape, 1945-2004
Series 3: Events on Video Cassette Tape, 1989-2004
Descriptive Summary
Repository: University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, American University in Cairo, Phone: 2797-5060
Creator: The American University in Cairo.
Title: The American University in Cairo Audio-Visual Collection
Dates: 1945-2004
Quantity: Audio cassette tapesVideo cassette tapes
Scope and Content Abstract: The collection consists of audio and video recordings on audio cassette and VHS tapes of AUC events, including commencements, lectures, etc., and oral history interviews, conducted in the late 1960s and early 1970s, featuring prominent individuals associated with AUC.
Call Number: **See Archives Staff**
Language: Collection materials are primarily in English . Some material may be in Arabic .

Organization of the Collection

The collection is organized into 3 series:
Series 1. Oral Histories on Audio Cassette Tape
Series 2. Events on Audio Cassette Tape
Series 3. Events on Video Cassette Tapes

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Items in the collection do not circulate and may be used only within the Rare Books Library. Users must comply with the Rare Books Library's rules on handling and care of materials.

Permission to publish or reproduce collection materials must be received from the University Archivist. Items may be subject to copyright. The user must also secure permission to publish from the copyright owner.

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Subject Headings

American University in Cairo--History.
Universities and Colleges--Egypt--Cairo.

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Administrative Information


The preferred citation for quoting material from this collection is: The American University in Cairo Audio-Visual Collection, 1945-2004, [Box/Folder #], [Folder Title], University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, The American University in Cairo.

Acquisition Information

The records were accumulated by the University Archives.

Processing Information

The collection is not processed.

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Preliminary File List

Series 1: Oral Histories on Audio Cassette Tape, 1969-1973
Robert G. Andrus, February 1973
Michael Askary, 14 December 1969
Thomas A. Bartlett, February 1973
Gulmar Gidawi Buttic, 9 December 1969
Pierre Cachia, 19 November1969
Wendell Cleland, 7 December 1969
Harlan and Mrs. Conn, 22 January 1970 (4 audio cassette tapes)
Edward Dirks, 31 December 1969
Aida Guindy, 21 November 1969
Erdman Harris, 13 February 1973 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Hugh William Headlee, 22 December 1969
Francis Horn, 13 November 1969 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Alan Horton, 15 February 1973
Yousef Ibrahim, 23 November 1969
Costa Joanidis, 3 December 1969
JoevLehman, 28 December 1969
Marion Lloyd, 11 January 1970
John & Harriett McConnell, 30 November 1969
Paul Simpson McElroy, 1 January 1970
Leslie A. Nichols, Jr., 19 November 1969
James Quay, 1 February 1973
Nassif Ramsis, 11 December 1969
Victor Sanoa, 21 November 1969
Marion Shane, 10 February 1973 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Herber W. Vandersall, February 1973 (4 audio cassette tapes)
Theodore O. Yodor, February 1973 (3 audio cassette tapes)

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Series 2: Events on Audio Cassette Tape, 1945-2004
Roosevelt Memorial Address (featuring: Charles R. Watson), 15 April 1945
World Financial Trends: Impact on Development (featuring: Abdlatif Al-Hammad), 16 April 1985
Lecture & Presentation (featuring: Derid El Laham), 16 December 1986
What You Should Know About Egyptian Diplomacy (featuring: Samir Ahmed), 21 April 1987
Seminar: Recent Economic Measures Declared in Egypt (featuring: Osman Ahmed Osman), 19 May 1987
President Mubarak's Speech to the People's Assembly-tape 2 (featuring: Husni Mubarak), 12 October 1987
Lecture (featuring: Ateif Abeid), 30 November 1987
Refugee Camps in Beirut-Al Quds Club (featuring: Amina Shafik), 1 December 1987
Madelyn Lamont Award (featuring: Madelyn Lamont), 7 December 1987
Cancer: The Disease of the 20th Century (featuring: Sherif Omar), 10 December 1987
The Energy Problem in Egypt & its Solution (featuring: Maher Abaza), 21 December 1987
Man, Media & Diplomacy (featuring: Moisi Saad El Din), 2 March 1988
Lecture-AT & T (featuring: Lowrie), 8 March 1988
Lecture (featuring: Louis Awad), 28 March 1988
Peace Conference in the Light of Palestinian Ref. (featuring: Mahmoud Riad), 13 April 1988
Need & Role of Censorship in Egypt (featuring: Naima Hamdy), 18 April 1988
Lecture (featuring: Mofeed Shehab), 19 October 1988
Lecture (featuring: Saleh Hafez), 2 November 1988
Seminar (featuring: Yehia Haqqui), 15 November 1988 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Press Conference (featuring: Naguib Mafouz), 7 December 1988
French Lecture (featuring: DeLay), 15 February 1989
Arabic Cultural Series, 20 December 1989
Saleh Abou Seif Panel (featuring: Salah Abou Seif), 30 July 1990 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Palestine & the Peace Process (featuring: Walid Kaziha, John Munroe, Hossam El Tawil), 15 October 1991 (2 audio cassette tapes)
"Radio Guest Program" Presented By: Magda Bagnid (featuring: James Naboly), 29 October 1991 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Economic, Social & Political Restructuring Policies in Egypt and the State of the Poor (featuring: Saad Nagui, Galal Amin), 16 December 1991 (3 audio cassette tapes)
Globalization: The Role of Inf. in a Changing World (featuring: Hisham El Sherif), 26 April 1993 (2 audio cassette tapes)
North-South East-West (featuring: Noam Chomsky), 12 May 1993 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Emerging Political Economic Order (featuring: Noam Chomsky), 13 May 1993 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The United States & The Middle East (featuring: Noam Chomsky), 16 May 1993
MARSOT, 30 November 1993
Minister Amr Moussa Opening the EPLS (featuring: Amr Moussa), 17 October 1994
Women's Rights in Islam (featuring: Mohamed Sayed Tantawy, Kamal Aboulmagd), 20 November 1994 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The Arab World: The Next Hurdle in the Middle East Peace Process (featuring: Nassif Hitti, Walid Kaziha, Kamal Aboulmagd), 19 December 1994 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Ecomonic & Social Roots of Religious Movements in Egypt (featuring: Saad Eddin Ibrahim 17 April 1995
Religious Brotherhood & National Unity in Egypt, 26 April 1995
V.P. of the World Bank (featuring: Ismail Serrag Eddin), 31 May 1995
Opening Ceremony of 75th Anniversary, May 1995 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Iran, Turkey & the Arab World: Islam & Secularism in Politics (featuring: Walid Kazziha, Asef Bayat, Michael Relmer), 25 March 1996 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture (featuring: Mostafa El Feki), March 1996 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Egypt & Mexico: The Politics of Privatization (featuring: Galal Amin, Dan Tschirgi, John Cross), 22 April 1996 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The American Political-Economic Model and its Application to Egypt & the Arab World (featuring: Samir Ishak, Paul Sullivan, Charles Diamond), 20 May 1996
Youngs, Media & the Country (featuring: Hala Sarhan, Raouf El Menawy, Adel Hamouda), 7 April 1997 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Liberal Education & Human Rights in the Middle East (featuring: Tori Haring Smith, Mostafa El Sayed, Daniel Vitkus), 19 May 1997 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The Middle East Peace Process: An Uncertain Future (featuring: Osama El Baz, Mostafa El Sayed, Nassif Hitti), 13 October 1997 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture (featuring: Lofti El Khouli), 16 December 1997 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Globalization Heritage Preservation, 16 March 1998
The Asian Crisis: Causes & Implications (featuring: Carlos Massad, V.K. Rajan, Adel Beshai), 16 November 1998
Lecture, 14 December 1998 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture (featuring: Mona Zaki), 15 March 1999
Integrating Social Dimensions & Economic Reforms, 27 March 2000
Lecture (featuring: Mahmoud Mohieldin), 27 March 2000
Egyptian Women in Sciences and Technology Opportunities for the Future, 4 April 2000
Reforming Personal Status Law in Egypt (featuring: Mona Zulficar), 15 October 2000
The Elusive Peace in the Middle East (featuring: Salah Bassiouiny, Khader Shekirat, Walid Kazziha), 25 October 2000 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Islam & The Challenge of Globalization (featuring: Kamal Aboulmaged), 26 November 2000 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture, 13 December 2000
Economic Impasse: The Way Out (featuring: Yasser El Mallwany, Abd El Aziz Ezz El Arab), 29 January 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Banat El Nil Choral Group & Band-"Banat El Nil" Concert, 18 February 2001
The Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe: A Structure that Looks to the Middle East, 26 February 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Effects of the Information Revolution on Media, 19 March 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Empowering the Disempowered: The Role of Economic and Social Funds, 23 April 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Speech of Falaki Opening, 2 May 2001
Investing in Education Insurance for the Future (featuring: Hussein Kamel Bahaa El Din, Mahmoud el Shabrawy, Mona Makram Ebeid), 20 May 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Image of Arabs in Western Media, 26 June 2001 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Egypt's Perspective on Current Affairs (featuring: Ahmed Maher El Sayed), 8 October 2001 (4 audio cassette tapes)
Panel Discussion on Dr. Ibrahim Shehata's Book My Will to My Country (featuring: Ibrahim Shehata), 12 November 2001 (6 audio cassette tapes)
American Policy in the Middle East (featuring: David C. Welch), 28 January 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Interfaith Dialogue: Action Plan for the Coming Years (featuring: Aly El Samman), 18 February 2002 (6 audio cassette tapes)
Marwa Samy Recital-Sonator E. Grieg & Chaikovesky Melody (featuring: Marwa Samy, E. Grieg), 4 March 2002
The Humanitarian Work Rights, Humanitarian Aid, and International Relations (featuring: Emma Bonino), 25 March 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
RBSCL Rm 203-Sean: Human Shield, 15 April 2002
Economic Prospects in the Arab Region: Challenges, Aspirations, and Priorities (featuring: Abdlatif Al Hamad), 22 April 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Arab vs Western Perspectives on Events in Palestine (featuring: Osama El Baz, John Sawers), 21 May 2002 (4 audio cassette tapes)
After a Year of the Event of 11 September (featuring: Galal Amin), 11 September 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture (featuring: James Zogby), 28 October 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The Arab Human Development Report (featuring: Rima Khalef, Nader Fergany, Ibrahim El Issawy, Hoda El Saada), 16 December 2002 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Reforming the United Nations (featuring: Boutros Boutros Ghali), 8 January 2003 (4 audio cassette tapes)
Inside the Secret Doors of the Pyramid of Khufu (featuring: Zahi Hawass), 24 February 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Naseer Shama), 17 March 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Memory, Inequality and Power: Palestine and the Universality of Human Rights (featuring: Edward Said), 17 March 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Scholarship, Activism and the Role of the Intellectual (featuring: Edward Said), 19 March 2003 (3 audio cassette tapes)
Egypt Tomorrow (featuring: Gamal Mubarak), 5 May 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Psycho-Political Aspects of the Palestinian Intifada (featuring: Eyad El Sarraj), 12 May 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Egypt's First Female Judge on International Legislation (featuring: Tahani El Gibaly), 19 May 2003
Cairo Today Program-Hussein Bikar's Editions: Interview by Rasha Helmy (featuring: Nagwa Shoteb, President Bartlett, Samia Zaytoun, Rasha Helmy), 17-19 May 2003
Flamenco "Enchantment" Passages Program (featuring: Oscar Herrero, Pedro Esparza, Bruja Perdomo), 4 June 2003
From Human Crises to Human Development: The Evolution of UNRWA's Mandate Regarding Palestinian Refugees (featuring: Peter Hansen), 21 September 2003
The Demographic Division in Israel and its Influence on Peace (featuring: Mohamed Bassiouny), 14 October 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
One World Music Concert, 19 October 2003
Inauguration Lecture of EPLS 2003-2004 (featuring: David C. Welch, Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd), 20 October 2003 (3 audio cassette tapes)
A Tribute to Edward Said (1935-2003), 1 November 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
The Changes of the Egyptian Society (Story of the "Yacoubian Building" (featuring: Alaa El Aswany, Galal Amin), 10 November 2003 (4 audio cassette tapes)
Ibero-American Festival-Egyptian Latin American Relations (featuring: Mahmoud Said), 9 December 2003
Ibero-American Festival-Egyptian Latin American Relations (featuring: Martin Munoz De Gema), 10 December 2003
Western Views in Arabs-Muslims and the Relationship Between them
Human Rights & Prospects for Democracy (featuring: Saad El Din Ibrahim), 15 December 20033 (3 audio cassette tapes)
The Situation of the Education in Egypt: Suggested Solutions (featuring: Yehia El Gamal, Hossam El Badrawy, Scott El Hamdy), 22 December 2003 (2 audio cassette tapes)
APLS-The Future Now (featuring: Hassanein Heikal), 2002-2003
Ibero-American Festival Edition of Poupourri Broadcast (featuring: Rasha, Helmy), 15 January 2004
Inauguration Ceremony of President David Arnold, 9 February 2004
A Vision of the Future of the Arab and Islamic World Master (featuring: Ahmed Zuwail), 16 February 2004 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Reflections of South Africa's First Decade of Freedom (featuring: Ghoulam Asmal), 23 February 2004
Bangladesh: Consolidation of Sovereignty (featuring: Mahmoud Hassan), 22 March 2004 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy: Challenges and Opportunities (featuring: Mohamed El Baradei), 14 April 2004 (2 audio cassette tapes)
A Trip Into the Future (featuring: Mostafa El Feki), 17 May 2004 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Classical Guitar Recital (featuring: Magdalena Duhagon), 25 May 2004
The New Security: The U.S. as a Global Power (featuring: Margaret Blunden), 4 June 2004 (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture-Hanards (featuring: Salah Montassir), 8 February
Egyptian Foreign Policy (featuring: Mohamed Abdella), 14 March (2 audio cassette tapes)
Lecture (featuring: Hamdy Saleh), 27 April
Press During Sadat (featuring: Louis Greiss), 27 April
Arabic Cultural (featuring: Awad Louis)
AT & T-tape 2 (featuring: Lowrie) (2 audio cassette tapes)
Debate Bet: Ref. Article John Monroe wrote In Middle East Times-students + prob Swilzer (featuring: John Munroe, Galal Amin)
Interview (featuring: David Arnold)
Islamic Currents in the Arab World (featuring: Mohamed, Imara)
Open Discussion-tape 2 (featuring: Mostafa El Fiki)
The Future of the R.S. Bat.-The Arab and the Western Civilizations-Introduction of Dr. Sakkut-tape 1 (featuring: Mostafa El Fiki, Sakkut)
The Honour of Sheikh Abdel Latif Gamil (featuring: Abdel Latif Gamil)
The U.S. Perspectives on the U.N. (featuring: Edward Goneid)
West Sdie Story-My Fair Lady (featuring: Leonard Bernstein)
Al Hayat Interview
Redefining the Role of the State in the Development of Egypt
Sir Edward Elgar and Sir William Walton
The Egyptian Citizen and the Education
The Theatre and the Egyptian Citizen (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Galal Amin) (4 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Collins) (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Mostafa El Fiki) (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Hossam el Tewil, Saad El Din Ibrahim, John Munroe)
unlabeled (featuring: Ghorbal)
unlabeled (featuring: Louis Greiss)
unlabeled (featuring: Youssef Idris) (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: John Munroe)
unlabeled (featuring: The Reverent Imam)
unlabeled (featuring: Sabra) (2 audio cassette tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Ahmed Zuwail) (2 audio cassette tapes)
27 unidentified audio cassette tapes

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Series 3: Events on Video Cassette Tape, 1989-2004
Commencement, June 1989
Commencement, June 1993
Leccture (featuring: Mohamed Hassanein Heikal), 19 October 1993
AUC 75th Anniversary Opening Ceremony 26 Septemberr 1994
Religious Brotherhood & National Unity in Egypt (featuring: Shenouda), 26 April 1995
Tomb Discovery-CNN Report (featuring: Kent Weeks), 17 May 1995
75th Anniversary Highlights, May 1995 (3 video tapes)
Amoco & Egypt (Hi-lites) (featuring: Kent Weeks), 9 November 1995
Ya Hala Program, March 1996
Convocation, 14 September 1996
Mass Media in the Changing Economic Order of China: The Unfolding Lotus (featuring: Beverly Jensen), 20 November 1996
The Cairo Economic Conference: An Assessment and a Look to the Future, 24 November 1996
The International Conference for Woman, 9 March 1997
Youngs, Media & The Country (featuring: Hala Sarhan, Adel Hamouda, Raouf El Menawy), 7 April 1997
Presidential Candidates (featuring: John Gerhart), 29 October 1997
Presidential Candidates, 3 November 1997
Presidential Candidates, 10 November 1997
Signing Ceremony of AUC Protocol, 8 December 1997
Interview between Ismail Othman and President of AUC (featuring: Ismail Othman), 8 January 1998
Memorial Service for Dr. Thomas Lamont (featuring: Thomas Lamont), 9 February 1998
Bachelor's Degree Commencement, June 1999
Dr. Ahmed Zuwail at AUC (featuring: Ahmed Zuwail), 19 December 1999
Commencement, February 2000
Commencement (featuring: Ibrahim Shehata), February 2000 (2 video tapes)
A Tribute to Dr. Allam (featuring: Mohamed A. Allam), 7 June 2000 (3 video tapes)
Toshka, 20 September 2000 (2 video tapes)
Commencement, January 2001 (2 video tapes)
Commencement, February 2001
Herbie Hancock at AUC-cut story (featuring: Herbie Hancock), 5 April 2001 (2 video tapes)
Panel Discussion on Ibrahim Shehata's Book My Will to My Country (featuring: Said El Naggar, Ahmed El Kosheri, Galal Amin), 12 November 2001 (2 video tapes)
Sabah El Kheir Ya Masr: Interview with Ahmed Zuwail and Interview with Six Board of Trustee Members (featuring: Ahmed Zuwail, Gerhart, Hannon, Al Alfi, Hebelca, Wisher, Hight), 5 February 2002 (4 video tapes)
Mid Year Graduate Commencement, February 2002
ISLC-Opening Ceremony (featuring: Gamal Mubarak), 25 March 2002
The AUC BITC, 20 April 2002
Annual Graduate Commencement, 13 June 2002
AUC-Offline Changes, 13 June 2002 (2 video tapes)
Farewell Tape (featuring: John Gerhart), 19 June 2002
Lecture (featuring: Mohamed Hassanein Heikal), 14 October 2002 (2 video tapes)
Four Contemporary Artists Exposition (featuring: Adel Thabet, Mohamed Dessouki, Iman Mahran, Sayed El Bibani), 20 October 2002
Poetry (featuring: Mahmoud Darwish), December 2002
Concert, 29 January 2003
Groundbreaking Ceremony (featuring: Mohamed Bitar, Lubna El Elaimy, Hussein El Sharkawy), 5 February 2003 (3 video tapes)
Concert Sharkiat (featuring: Fathi Salama), 26 February 2003
Lecture (featuring: Zahi Hawass), February 2003
Egyptian TV Groundbreaking New Headquarters-first lady, February 2003
Egyptian TV Program (featuring: Allam), February 2003
Master Tape (featuring: Edward Said), 15 March 2003
Press Conference (featuring: Edward Said), 19 March 2003
Scholarshi 2000 p, Activism & the Role of the Intellectual, (featuring: Edward Said), 19 March 2003 (2 video tapes)
Palestinian Artist (featuring: Baha Boukhari), March 2003
Program About El Neqab-Art Channel, 1 May 2003
Hussein Bikar Exhibition (featuring: Moufid Fawzy, Ibrahim Abd El Malak, Hossam Ali Hassan), 11 May 2003 (2 video tapes)
The Many Faces of Hussein Bikar-A Tribute to a Lifetime of Creative Expression (featuring: Moufid Fawzy, Makram Henain, Mustafa Hussein Elhamy Naguib), 11 May 2003 (4 video tapes)
John Gerhart Memorial Service-NTSC (featuring: John Gerhart), 28 September 2003
John Gerhart Memorial Service-edited story (featuring: John Gerhart), 29 September 2003
Ceremony for the Literary Edward Said (featuring: Edward Said), 1 November 2003
President David Arnold's Inauguration (featuring: David Arnold), 9 February 2004
Suzanne Mubarak in the AUC Women's International Peace Movement (featuring: Suzanne Mubarak), 24 March 2004 (4 video tapes)
Lecture (featuring: Ahmed Zuwail), 2004 (4 video tapes)
Clean Up the World (featuring: Moufid Fawzy)
Episode of Moufid Fawzy's Program with the Artist Hussein Bikar (featuring: Moufid Fawzy)
Groundbreaking Ceremony-Sabah El Kheir Ya Masr (featuring: Suzanne Mubarak)
Interview with Dr. Edward Said While the Shooting of the Movie: El Akhar (featuring: Edward Said)
Interview with Dr. Esmat Abd El Meguid & Al Walid Bin Talal, Amin/Honorary Degree (featuring: Esmat Abd El Maguid, Amir Al Walid Bin Talal)
Edward Said Portrait-A Film Produced by Emmanuel-TV5 Channel (featuring: Edward Said)
Edward Said Profile-TV5 Channel (featuring: Edward Said)
Arab Maritime Transport Academy
AUC Television-AUC Stories & Interviews Edited, Directed & Short by Ibrahim Saleh (2 video tapes)
Egypt Free to Choose-The Power of the Market
Egypt Free to Choose-Tyranny of Control
Egypt Fee to Choose-Created Equal
Egypt Free to Choose-Who Protects the Worker?
unlabeled (featuring: Hassanein Heikal) (4 video tapes)
unlabeled (featuring: Tarek Heqqy)
Best of Both Worlds-Cultural Film on AUC, 21 April 1980
AUC TV Stories-Dub for AUC Booth/An Cham Expo 1993, 1993
History of AUC, 15 October 1994
The Core Curriculum and You (featuring: Aleya Kirdany), Spring 1994
The AUC Counseling (featuring: Ursula Martin), 18 May 1995
AUC Gala Dinner-New York NTSC American System, 19 May 1995
Does AUC Prepare You for the "Real" World (featuring: AUC Graduate Students), 4 March 1997
Private Efforts (featuring: Zeinab Zaki)
Report on New Campus Development-CNN (featuring: Shahira Amin)
World Report
AUC Presentations: AUC Slide Show & Adham Center
AUC Television-AUC Stories (2 video tapes)
Business Profile-American Business Profile-English
Business Profile-English (2 video tapes)
Business Profile-European Business Profile-French
Business Profile-European Business Profile-German
Business Profile-European Business Profile-Italian
Business Profile-European Business Profile-Spanish
Day Care
MBO-Today MBO & Performance Appraisal-parts 1, 2, 3
New Campus Presentation
The Best of Both Worlds (AUC Film)
2 unidentified video cassette tapes

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