The American University in Cairo History Collection: A Guide to the Collection

Descriptive Summary
Subject Headings
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Preliminary File List
Descriptive Summary
Repository: University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, American University in Cairo, Phone: 2797-5060
Creator: The American University in Cairo.
Title: The American University in Cairo History Collection
Quantity: 6 linear feet (8 boxes and 5 volumes)
Scope and Content Abstract: The American University in Cairo History Collection contains manuscripts, notes, reports, and similar material relating to the history of AUC, including documentation used to write The American University in Cairo: 1919-1987 by Lawrence R. Murphy .
Call Number: **See Archives Staff**
Language: Collection materials are in English .


Access and Restrictions

Unprocessed collections are subject to review by University Archives staff before access is granted to identify restricted material.

Use of Materials

Items in the collection do not circulate and may be used only within the Rare Books Library. Users must comply with the Rare Books Library's rules on handling and care of materials.

Permission to publish or reproduce collection materials must be received from the University Archivist. Items may be subject to copyright. The user must also secure permission to publish from the copyright owner.

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Subject Headings

American University in Cairo.
American University in Cairo--History.
Universities and Colleges--Egypt--Cairo.

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Administrative Information


The preferred citation for quoting material from this collection is: The American University in Cairo History Collection, [Box/Folder #], [Folder Title], University Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, The American University in Cairo.

Acquisition Information

The records were accumulated by the University Archives.

Processing Information

The collection is not fully processed.

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Preliminary File List

Box 1
Timelines-"History of the project"-Timeline 1899-1919, c.1919
Timelines-"Snapshot of Tim," AUC Today, Fall 1994-1919-1993, 1994
Timelines-"The American University in Cairo: 75 Years of Service to Egypt & Middle East"-1919-1994 "The American Unversity in Cairo: 80 Years of Service to Egypt and The Middle East"1919-1999," 1994, 1999
"History of the University," c.1920
"The American University of Cairo: History Summary," c.1920
"The American University of Cairo," 1921
McClenahan,Repert S.-"Another Strategic Centre Occupied," 1921
Currie, Jhon-Dairy, 1922-1924
"The American University of Cairo: Its First Four years," c.1924
Mc Elory, Poul S.-"Siwa or The Qasis of Jupiter Ammon: A Short Account of a Motor Trip to a Little-Known Community," 1929
McCoonell, John W.-"Dickinson Transplanted From The Cumberland Valley to Nile Valley," c.1930s
Youssefi Mustapha Amin-"Diary" in Aker Saa'a, 1930
Lister, Ann-"After Five Weeks-Some First Impressions of Egypt and A.U.C.," 1932
McElroy, Paul Simpson-"Welcyan in Egypt," 1933
McClenahan, Robert S.-"[Note on Incidents, Persons, and Situations which arose in the creation of AUC in so far as I was related to there,]" c.1935
Lister, Anne-"After Five Weeks: Some First Impressions of Egypt and A.U.C," 1936
Parr, Grant-"The Lion Joins The Sphynx," 1939
Including Faculty Biographies of Columbia University Graduates
"Calling A.U.C. Faculty Reminsiceces for Unidentified," c.1940s
Smith, Harlod B.-"Some Personal Notes and Impressions on The Functioning and Oppotunities of The American University in War Time (1939-1941)," 1941
Nichols Leslie-"Description of A.U.C. and Cairo During Second World War," 1942
Vandersall, Herbert W.-"History of The Curriculum of A.U.C. 1920-1942," 1942
"Twenty Years of Preparation""The University in Action," c.1945
Shumoker, D.C. "An Outline of Events in The History of The Amercain University of Cairo," 1945
Madison, Word-"A.U.C. Today: An Uninhibited Confession"; Madison, Miriam-"A New Look Cairo," 1948
Madison, Miriam and Word-"A New Look at Cairo," 1948
Madison, Word-"A.U.C. Journey Extraordinary" (Account of Pittsburgh Meeting by Trustee Jhon R. Mott.), 1949-1950
Jewett, George Fredrick-Account of Visit to A.U.C., 1950
Boktor, Amir-"The Story of A.U.C.," c.1950s
Vones, Marshall E.-"A.U.C. in Retrospect," 1950
Vandersall, Herbert -"As I Remember It"-Campus Caravan Interviews, 1950
Conn, Harlan D.-"Some Proposals for The Future Developments of The American University in Cairo, With Special Reference to Financial Implications," 1954
Abd El Nour, Sonia-"What Was AUC 28 Years Ago? Know your Institution's History"Campus Caravan, April 23, 1958, 2000 1958
Al-Nawqihi, Mohammed "Some Problems of Liberal Education in The A.U.C. and Their Middle Eastren Background," 1958
Gossett, Freeman-"Foreign Higher Education in Egypt During The Nationalistic Era: The American Unversity in Cairo," 1962
"Short Historical Sketch," c.1962
Box 2
"The American Unversity in Cairo: A Period of Rapid Change"-[The Presidency of Raymond F. McLain from Jonuary 1955 to July 1963], 1964
Philistin, Wadei-"Lasting Values of A.U.C.," 1964
Namani, Abdel Kader-In Loco-Parentis: "University Services to Students" in Issues in University Education: Commentaries by Arab University Educators, 1966
"The American University in Cairo," c.1968
"A Brief Historical Survey of The American University in Cairo," 1968
Dodege Bayard-AUC, History Contribution of Dr. Bayard Dodge, "The Amercain University in Cairo and Al-Azhar," 1969
"History of A.U.C.," 1969
"The Amercain University in Cairo," 1969
Anwar, Doreen-Egypt Descriptions, c.1970s
Dondio, Blase-"Cairo-Graphs," c.1970s
Murphy, Lawrence R.-Virgettes (1-56) Prepared for History of A.U.C, c.1970s
Bichara Auohee-Anecdotes Events (Assemblies etc.), Student Life Academics, c.1970
Murphy, Lawrence R.- Proposed History of A.U.C-See also "The Amercain Unversity in Cairo: 1919-1987 and Manuscripts (1974, 1976, 1979, 1985)," 1973
Rizkalla, Chonchette Yossef-"My Recollections of A.U.C.," c.1970
Sawwah, Ali, Ahmed-"My Memories in A.U.C.," c.1970s
Lister, Anne-Comments on AUC History by Lawerence Murphy, 1975
Including Descriptions of President Charles R. Watson, President and Dean John S, Badeau, Deen Roberts McClenahan Faculty Herbert Vondersall
al-Nawaih Mohamed-"When The Twain Meet: Problems and Opportunities of a Western University In an Eastern Society," 1975
Vandersall, Herbert W.-Letter to President Cecil K. Byrd, 1975
Murphy, Lawrence-"The American University in Cairo" (Chapter VII Unidentified Book), c.1975
Bolanning, Frank w,-"The American University in Cairo: Needs of Undergraduates in Relation to Goods" (LG511, A6, B47, 1975), 1975
Vatikioties, P.J-"AUC Remmbered, 1944-1948," 1976
Helmy, Kareem-"First Things in AUC/Know Your University"-Bulletin of Library Spcail Services and Unversity Archives, 1978
Helmy, Kareem-"Voice of Th 18a6 e Past"-Bulletin of Library Special Services and Unversity Archives, 1978-1980
Box 3
Willian Bancroft Hill and The Amercain University in Cairo:Letter and Correspondence, 1981
Badeau, John S,-"The Middle East Rememberd" (DS 61.52.B 32.A 35 1983), 1983
"Pittsburgh: The AUC Matrix-An Historical Veiw of The Founding of The American University in Cairo and Its Associations With The McCune, Gillespie and Lockhart Families," 1983
McClenahan, John L.-"Remarks-Board of Trustees-AUC," 1988
Merrick, Jackson-Memoirs (1932-1925), 1989
Vandersall, Lloyd-"But Sir, Till now we are not Understanding Fifty Anecdotes from The Early Dayes at A.U.C.," 1989
Students of Mary Kate Coffield, Writing Program-Class Papers about Attending A.U.C., 1994
Video Script for History of AUC, c.1994
Lamont, Thomas-"The American University in Cairo 1987-1995," 1995
Abdel Noor, Munir-"AUC Remembered," 1998
Harding, Mildred Davis-"Waking up in Egypt: A Memoir," 1998-1999
McClenahan, John L.-"Cairo," 2001
Box 4
Tawfik, Awad (National Research Center for Education)-["History of A.U.C."], c.1980s
Abdel Nour. Munir-"AUC Remembered," 1998
Khan, Hassan. "17 and in AUC-The Transcriptions" Paris: Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2004
Sharkey, Healther J.-"Charles R. Waston and The Misson of The American University in Cairo," 2007
Berg, Dagmar-"Mabrouka's Twins: A Story of Modern Egypt," 1947
Harris, Erdman-"Gezira: Dramatic Comedy in Two Acts," c.1950
Shoemaker, Connie-"Ma'alesh: Verses From Egypt," 1973
McCullough, Gretchen-"The Sugar House," 2001

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